Ø  Banana is the second most important fruit crop in India after mango.

Ø  It is available throughout the year due to its taste, nutritive and medicinal properties.

Ø  It is the favorite fruit of all classes of people. It is a rich source of carbohydrates and vitamins especially B vitamins.

Ø  Banana helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Also, it is recommended for patients suffering from high arthritis, blood pressure, ulcers, gastroenteritis and kidney disorders.

Ø   Various products are made from banana such as chips, banana puree, jam, jelly, juice etc. Banana fiber is used to make items like bags, utensils and wall hangers.

Ø  Banana waste can be used to make rope and good quality paper.

Ø  In India, banana is the first in production and third in the area of ​​fruit crops. Within India, Maharashtra has the highest productivity. Other major banana producing states are Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.

1] Time of sowing - Mid February to first week of March is the best time for sowing.

2] Seed rate – If a distance of 1.8x1.5 m is adopted, then about 1452 plants fit per acre.

                        800 saplings are planted in one acre, for a distance of 2mx2.5m.

 3] Spacing - planting distance 1.8m x 1.8m

4] Irrigation - Regular interval as per requirement

5] Application of fertilizers (per acre)




30 DAS


10 TON / acre

Mycorrhiza powder 100 g

Urea [46-0-0]


150 Kg  ( 3 split @ 50 kg)


100 Kg

50 Kg


50 Kg

50 Kg


10 Kg



Rhizome Weevil




Corm Weevil

Fusarium Wilt

Panama Wilt

Buncy Top




Days Stage Solution Potential Disease Potential Pest
1 - 4 From Planting To Planting

To prevent nematode invasion, treat suckers with Carbofuran 3% CG @ 50 g/sucker

Katra Nano NPK 19-19-19 @ 200 g per acre + micronutrient containing microgold 2 g/Lit of water + Saaf powder (Carbendazim) 12% Mancozeb 63% WP) @ 2 g/L of water Acetamipride 20% @ 1 g/Lit

Fusarium Wilt, Dumping Off,

White Fly, Green Mosquito, Termite

5 - 10 Juvenile Vegetative Development Stage

Katra Nano Mono Ammonium Phosphate (12-61-0) @200g/acre Humus-100@250g/acre + Flamingo (Emamectin Benzoate 3% Thiamethoxam 12%SG) @0.5 to 1g/Ltr of water + Dimethoate 30EC@2ml Ltr of water + Fungus-G 1.5 gm/Ltr of water + Nano Magnesium Sulphate @ 200 gm/acre

Dumping Off, Bunchy Top, Fusarium Wilt

Whitefly, Corm Weevil Termites, Borer Worm, Aphid, Thrips

11 – 20 Flower Bud Differentiation Stage

Katra Nano NPK Potassium Phosphate 00-52-34 @200gm/acre + Itarich@100gm/acre + Regent (Fipronil 5%SC) + Methyl Demeton 20EC@2ml/Ltr of water + Banlarva (Emamectin Benzoate 5%SG) 4g/10Ltr of water + Bayer Folicur (Tebuconazole 25.5%) @ 1-1.5 ml/Lit of water

Rhizome Rot, Bunchy Top, Fusarium Wilt, Panama Wilt,

Rhizome Weevil, Corm Weevil, Aphid, Nematode, Thrips, Shoot Borer

21-35 Shooting Stage

Katra Nano Potassium Nitrate 13-00-45 @200 gm per acre + Prosper @ 2-5 ml/Ltr of water + Nano Magnesium Sulphate @ 200 gm per acre + Ampligo (Sygenta) 80 ml + Copper Oxychloride @ 300 gm per acre + Kargil (Imidacloprid30.5%) sc) 2-5ml/Lit of water + Dimethoate 30EC@2ml/Lit of water.

Sigatoka, Panama Wilt, Rhizome Rot, Anthracnose

Rhizome Weevil, Fruit Fly, Corm Weevil Nematode, Thrips, Aphid, Borer,

36- 50 Bunch Developmental Stage

Katra Nano Potassium Nitrate 00-00-50 @200 gm per acre + Adama Custodia (Azoxystrobin 18.2% Diphenoconazole 11.4% SC) + Dimethoate 30EC@2ml per liter of water + Bayer Fame (Flubendamide) @ 30-40ml per acre + Chlorothalonil fungicide @2gm/Lit

Panama Wilt, Rhizome Rot, Sigatoka Fusarium Wilt, Anthracnose

Rhizome Weevil, Corm Weevil, Aphid, Fruit Borer, Cut Worm, Shoot Borer

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