Ø  Groundnut is the major oilseed crop in India and plays a major role in meeting the shortage of vegetable oil in the country.

Ø  Groundnuts are important protein crops in India which are mostly grown under rainfed conditions.

Ø  Peanuts are consumed either roasted or fried and salted.

Ø  Groundnut contains about 45% oil and 20% protein. As a whole, peanuts are highly digestible.

Ø  Groundnut oil is famous for its use in human diet and Gujarati people consume it as other food.

Ø  The oil cake obtained after extraction of oil is a valuable organic manure and animal feed. It contains 7-8% N, 1.5% P2O5 and 1.5% K2O.

Ø  It is a good rotation crop. Being legume it builds soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen through root, bales which add about 12 to 40 kg N/ha and is an efficient cover crop for the land. also work as


1] Sowing time –

Kharif - Monsoon onset (June-July)

Rabi - November to December

2] Seed rate - Kharif :- 38 to 45 kg per acre

3] Spacing - spreading varieties: 60 cm x 10 cm

Bunch type varieties: 45cm x 10cm

4] Irrigation - as per requirement

5] Application of fertilizers (per acre)


Per acre


25 DAS


10 t/acre



100 gm/acre

100 gm

Urea [46-0-0]

30 Kg

30 Kg


50 Kg

25 Kg


100 Kg

50 Kg


40 Kg

25 Kg



10 Kg




White Grub

Chickpea pod borer

Charcoal rot



Leaf blight


Days Stage Solution Potential Disease Potential Pest
20 – 25 from sowing to planting

Seed treatment with thiram or captan @ 2 to 3 g/kg seed Rhizobium culture

Katra Nano NPK 19-19-19 @ 200 g per acre + Micronutrient containing microgold 2 g / l water + Saaf powder (Carbendazim 12% Mancozeb 63% WP) @ 2 g / l water + Super Confidor @ 1 ml / liter water + Trizophos 44 EC @ 300 per acre

Fusarium wilt, root rot

white fly, aphid, green mosquito

40 - 45 Vegetative Growth stages

Katara Nano Mono Ammonium Phosphate (12-61-0) @200 gm per acre + Fantac Plus Tonic @ 100 ml per acre Syngenta Ampliago @ 80 ml per acre + Adama Custodia (Azoxystrobin 18.2% diphenoconazole 11.4% SC)

Root rot, rust, termites

Charcoal Rot, Yellow Mosaic Downy Mildew

White Mosquito, Green Mosquito, White Grub, Stem Fly, Thrips, Aphid

Ball worm

60 - 65 Flowering stages

Katra Nano NPK Potassium Phosphate 00-52-34@200 gm per acre + Micro Gold (Mixed Chelated Micronutrients) @1.5 gm/Lit of water + Bayer Solomon ( Imida 19.8% Beta Cyhalothrin 8.49%) @ 1 ml/Ltr of water + Bayer Foliar ( Tebuconazole 25.5%) @ 1-1.5 ml/Lit of water

Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Tikka Disease, Leaf Blight, Alternaria 

Whitefly, Thrips, White Grub, Yellow Mosaic, Girdle Beetle, Bihar Hairy Caterpillar 

80 -85 Pod Development/ Maturity stages

FMC Rogor (Dimethoate 30% EC) @ 2-5 ml/Ltr of water + BONUS (Tebuconazole 38.39%) @ 1-1.5 ml/L of water + Bayer Fame (Flubendamide 39.35%) @ 80-100 ml/acre + Chloropyriphos 20% EC  +Isabion Tonic@ 300 ml FMC

Rust, Anthracnose, Powdery mildew blight, Charcoal rot Alternaria

Tikka Whitefly, White Grub, Termite Thrips, Chickpea Pod borer, Bollworm

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