Imerbela Organice Nabuz, Relief From Cold, Headache & Insomania

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Imerbela Organic Nabuz is an ayurvedic formulation useful in stuffy nose, Cold, Headache and Stress. It is pure ans pleasant in odour and entirely free from irritating substances. It is mild yet positively effective in action. 

Direction: To open the clogged nose, take a little oil between the thump and finger of the hand and smell it directly near the nose. Adults and children 2years of age and older. rub the oil onto the chest and throat, or rub onto sore muscles, preferably covered with a warm, dry cloth, to help vapors reach the nose/mouth. Keep clothes loose around. 

Caution: For Externam application only, aviod contact with eye. If in contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persistes get medical attention. Keep out of reach of children. Keep it in cool and dry place in straight position. Store away from direct sunlight. Storage: store below 30 degree celsius. 

Precaution: Avoid sensitive/Open wound application. 

Product colour may be change because of natural Ingredients.

1)Ayurvedic formula. 

2) Imerbela organic Nabuz relief from stuffy nose, Cold, Headache, Insomnia and stress. 

3) It is pure and pleasant in odour. 

4) Entirely free from irritating substances. 

Mild yet positively effective in action.

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