Ezzy Garden Day-60 Flowering Booster Fertilizer Tablets for Plants-25 Nos.…

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Day-60 for flowering is designed as a slow release tablet for flower inducing. It is formulated with novel enzymes and vitamins which performs best for flowering issues and reduces pre-dropping of flowers. It promotes flowering in plants and also prevent flower shedding. It ensures a balanced nutrition for overall growth and increases quality (fragrance and size) & quantity of flowers as well. It is an easy to use tablet formula to enrich the soil with novel enzymes and vitamins which are easily absorbable by the plants. It is designed to slow release the nutrients,novel enzymes & vitamins to the soil around roots of plants, trees, shrubs, ornamentals,or natives. Day-60 for flowering tablet can be put directly underneath the plant during the plantation process or can be placed next to the plant, for later fertilization.

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