Ezzy Kosabi Plus (500 Gm)-Garden Care Kit Refill with Humic Acid,Fulvic Acid and Seaweed Plant Fertilizers for Garden Use

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Kosabi Plus is an organic manure made by the mixing of essential vitamins and enzymes.

The benefit of Kosabi Plus are:

It increases nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, and seed germination. It adds minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that are natural growth stimulants.

It improved development of roots and shoots and stimulate plant growth. It is an important nutrient for plant growth .

It also helps the plant through stressed times such as disease , drought and cold temperatures.

Root fungal protector.

Method of application & Recommended Dosage :

1. Kosabi Plus Can be applied directly as single product or mixed with any fertilizer, during active stage of crop/ plant development

2. Recommended additions- 2 to 3 times during the growth and development stages of the plant.

Soil application: 5Gm/Plant
Storage: It can be stored in the cool dry place away from direct sunlight in the unopened original packet for 3 years. The opened packet should be used up or be resealed immediate

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