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1.)WHAT IS HUMUS-100 :
Humus-100 is a blend of 100% water-soluble potassium humate and plant growth-promoting vitamins and ezymes . It acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix that includes a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids. It enhances the plant's ability to take in essential nutrients and improves soil structure. it enables plants to grow better.
Its uses as a high-quality plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner. It can be applied for agricultural and horticultural plants, particularly those suffering from environmental growth stresses such as heat, cold, salinity, and dryness by soil and foliar application. It is an organic complex and is decomposed only relatively slowly by soil microorganisms. It can be used alone or mixed with most fertilizers.

It is used in all crops like Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre Crops, Sugar Crops, Forage Crops, Plantation crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Flowers, Medicinal crops, Aromatic Crops, Orchards, and Ornamentalsto control fungal diseases in any stage of crop development like germination stage, nursery stage, establishment stage, vegetative growth stage, flowering stage, fruiting, and harvesting stage.

For Spray: Mix 200-250 gm of humus-100 with 200 ltr water and spray evenly on the crop.
For Drip irrigation: mix 1 kg of humus-100 with 200 ltr of water and incorporate into the soil through the drip irrigation systems or root drenching
For soil application: mix 1 kg of humus -100 with 50 kg of soil/manure/compost and broadcast evenly near rootzone
For seed Dressing: mix 5-10 gm of Humus-100 with 1 kg of seed thoroughly and sow

4.)SHELF LIFE: it is stable for a period of 3 years from the date of manufacturing If it is kept under normal storage condition. Opened containers should be used up or be resealed immediately.

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