NANO NPK 13:40:13 (200Gm)

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What is KATRA NANO NPK 13-40-13…..?

KATRA NANO NPK 13-40-13 is the 100 % water-soluble Nano fertilizer that contains 13 % Nitrogen, 40 % phosphorus, and 13 % potash which is evenly dispersed in water and used in foliar application or drip irrigation. It effectively fulfills crop nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash requirement, increases leaf photosynthesis, root biomass, effective tillers & branches.

Benefits of KATRA NANO NPK 13-40-13

§  KATRA NANO NPK 13-40-13 is a highly effective nano-sized fertilizer its application and dosage are five times less than conventional NPK 13-40-13.

§  Use of 200 gm of KATRA NANO NPK 13-40-13 can replace effectively at least 1 kg of conventional NPK 13-40-13 and because of higher efficiency, it can reduce the requirement of conventional NPK 13-40-13 by 50 % or more.

§  Nano NPK particle size varies from 20-50 nm, due to Small size (20-50 nm) increasing its availability to crop by more than 80%.

§  When sprayed on leaves, Nano NPK easily enters through stomata and other openings and assimilates by the plant cells. 

§  It is easily distributed through the phloem from source to sink inside the plant as per its need. 

§  Unutilized Nano NPK is stored in the plant vacuole and is slowly released for proper growth and development of the plant.

§  Enhances Farmer's income by an increase in crop productivity and reduction in input cost.



Total nitrogen percent by weight , minimum

13.0 %

§  Nitrate  nitrogen percent by weight , maximum

4.4 %

§  Ammonical nitrogen percent by weight , minimum

8.6 %


Water soluble phosphate (as P2O5)   percent by weight , minimum

40.0 %


Water soluble potassium (as K2O)   percent by weight , minimum

13.0 %


Sodium as NaCl percent by weight on dry basis, maximum

0.15 %


Matter insoluble in water percent by weight, maximum

  0.5 %


Recommended Crops - Cereals, Vegetables, Pulses, Oil, Fibres, Tubers, Spices, Gruits, Flowers

Method of Application

§  Mix 20 gm of katra Nano NPK 13-40-13 in one pump( 15 Liter of water) and spray on crop leaves at active growth stages.

§  For best results apply 2 foliar sprays

·       1st spray at active tillering / branching stage (30-35 Days after Germination or 20-25 Days after Transplanting)

·       2nd spray 20-25 days after 1st spray or before flowering in the crop.

§  Number of sprays of Katra  Nano NPK 13-40-13 can be increased depending upon crop and its NPK requirement


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