NANO NPK 17:44:00 (200Gm)

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What Is KATRA NANO 17-44-0….?
KATRA NANO 17-44-0 is a completely water soluble Nano-fertilizer with adequate amounts of the primary nutrients Nitrogen and Phosphorous. It is used in the form of foliar spray and drip irrigation to meet nitrogen and phosphorous deficiency at any stage of plant growth. It is useful for all crops. It can be mixed with insecticide and fungicide product.

Nano Technology Based Fertilizer

Nano fertilizer is needed five times less than conventional fertilizer and it can reduce the need for conventional fertilizer by up to 50% because of its high efficiency. Nano particles range in size from 20-50 nm, and the smaller size of the Nano particles increases its availability by nearly 80%.Plant cells absorb it easily through stomata and other pores. To ensure proper plant growth, unused Nano particles get stored in plant vacuoles and secreted slowly. The income of the farmer increases by increasing the crop productivity and reducing the investment cost.

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