NANO Zinc EDTA 12% (50Gm)

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What Is KATRA NANO CHELATED ZINC 12%.........?
KATRA NANO CHELATED ZINC 12 % Is A Completely Water Soluble Nano-Fertilizer Consisting Of Secondary Plant Nutrient ZINC METAL Chelated WITH  EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid), It Is Used As A Fertilizer To Overcome Zinc Deficiency In Plants, As Well As A Source Of Zinc For Those Plants Which Require Zinc For Their Normal Growth And Higher Yields.
KATRA NANO  Chelated Zinc Containing 12% Zinc Is So Integrated In The Purest Form As To Provide The Plants Not Only Physiological Stimuli To Overcome Environmental Stresses, But Also Activates Relevant Enzymes To Produce More Of The Harvestable Units Per Area In Per Unit Of Time. It Can Be Mixed With Insecticide And Fungicide Product.

Nano Technology Based Fertilizer

Nano fertilizer is needed five times less than conventional fertilizer and it can reduce the need for conventional fertilizer by up to 50% because of its high efficiency. Nano particles range in size from 20-50 nm, and the smaller size of the nano particles increases its availability by nearly 80%.Plant cells absorb it easily through stomata and other pores. To ensure proper plant growth, unused nano particles get stored in plant vacuoles and secreted slowly. The income of the farmer increases by increasing the crop productivity and reducing the investment cost.


·         KATRA NANO CHELATED Zinc is responsible for activating the enzymes which help in synthesis of protein in plants.

·         IT plays important role in enzyme systems, seed development and water regulation in plant so useful when crop is under water stress conditions.

·         KATRA NANO Chelated Zinc EDTA is stronger than Zinc Sulfate, and it is highly soluble in stable water Also, it is stable in alkaline and acidic conditions meaning it is available for plants at a wider range of pH levels.

·         KATRA NANO Chelated Zinc EDTA releases cations and has a high affinity with lead which plays an essential role in detoxification of lead in plants.

·         KATRA NANO Zinc EDTA strengthens the plant cells and regulates the cell production of healthier crops. It also increases crop yield.

·         KATRA NANO Zinc EDTA helps to regulate oxygen exchange and enables production of carbohydrates.

·         helps in better utilization of  other nutrients.


Appearance - Free Flowing Crystalline Powder Or Tablet 


Zinc Content (Expressed As Zn) Percent By Weight Minimum In The Form Of Zn-EDTA

12 %


pH (5% solutiuon)



Lead (As Pb) Percent By Weight, Maximum

0.003 %


Cadmium (As Cd) Percent By Weight, Maximum



Arsenic (As As) Percent By Weight, Maximum

0.01 %

Method of Application

§  Mix 5 gm of powder into one pump (15 Liter of water) and spray at active growth stages.

§  For best results apply 2 foliar sprays

·         1st spray at active tillering / branching stage (30-35 Days after Germination or 20-25 Days after Transplanting)

·         2nd spray 20-25 days after 1st spray or before flowering in the crop.

§  Number of sprays can be increased depending upon crop and its requirement.


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