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1. Virus-G treatment has recently been reported to inhibit replication of Leaf Curl Virus, Yellow Mosaic Virus, Potato Virus, and Cauliflower Mosaic Virus in Chili, Tomato, and Papaya. Furthermore, resistance is induced via a novel defensive signal transduction pathway sensitive to inhibition.

2. Virus-G induces a range of defense genes, most notably those encoding the pathogenesis-related proteins, several of which have been shown to possess Anti-Virus& Anti-bacteria properties.

3. Virus-G mediates resistance to viruses, it was shown recently that treatment with VIRUS-G caused the accumulation of Virus RNA to be reduced.

4. Although symptoms of cucumber mosaic virus infection were delayed in VIRUS-G treated chilly, tomato and papaya. This was not due to inhibition of replication but rather to inhibition of systemic movement of the virus.

5. VIRUS-G is recommended on broad classes of plant viruses such as Leaf Curl Virus, Yellow Mosaic Virus, Potato Virus, Cauliflower Mosaic Virus, and bacterial disease such as Bacterial Leaf Blight, Citrus Cancer, Stem Rot and Tuber Rot of chili, tomato and papaya Etc.

6. INCREASE FLOWERING: Virus-G increase flowers in flowering stage and help to stop flower dropping.

7. INCREASED IN FRUIT SET: treatment with VIRUS-G helps in the fruit set.

8. INCREASED GROWTH: treatment with VIRUS-G increase the rate of growth by stimulating constant Growth during season.

9. FROST PROTECTION: Spraying on fruit trees at full-blossom or when the blossoms begin to wither can offset the detrimental effects of frost.

10. RECOMMONDED CROP – it is recommended for all crops.

11. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE – 100 ml mix in 100-120 liter water and spray in one acre

12. MODE OF APPLICATION: Foliar application

13. RECOMMENDED ADDITIONS - 2 to 3 times during the growth and development stages of the plant or when symptoms of virus and bacterial infections appear.

14. TIME OF USE: Before or after viral and bacterial infection

15. COMPOSITION : Ortho Silicic Acid : 2%

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