EZZY Garden Care Kit for 50 Plants with Humic Acid, Seaweed and Fulvic Acid, Neem Extract Pesticide and Moringa Extract Yield Booster

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A Special 100% Organic kit designed for usage in Home Garden,Lawn,Terrace Garden,Balcony Plant pots for their organic growth and protect them from pest.It is first of its kind 100% Toxic free Garden Kit with all products free from any harmful chemicals.It can use on all kind of Indoor and Outdoor plants i.eVegitables,Fruits,flowers,Medicinal and all decorative plants.

  1. Kosabi Plus:-It is an organic fertilizer made by mixing of essential vitamins and enzymes.it contains essential nutrients for plant growth.also works as root fungal protector.
  2. Neembin:-It is extraction of Neem Kernal seeds,contains all beneficial ingredients to protect plant from various pest and insects.
  3. Bio-Ringa:- It is Moringa oleifera leaf extract which stimulates plant growth  and increase crop yield. It enhance the growth of young plants,increase flowers,new leaf and improve leaf color.

How to Use:-

  1. Use 5gm.(1 Spoon) Kosabi Plus per pot/plant to be mixed with soil.
  2. Mix 3ml of Bio-ringa+3ml of Neembin in 1Ltr. of water and fill the liquid in a hand spray pump.Then freely spray it in your garden to protect them from insects,fungus and harmful bacteria while helping the plant to get a shining growth.

Repeat Kosabi Plus 5gm. per pot/plant after every 15-20 days of  first use.
Repeat mixture of 3ml Bio-Ringa+3ml Neembin in 1Ltr. water after every 10-12 days of first use.

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