(Ascorbic Acid) Vitamin-C 0.4% (Bio-Stimulant)

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BENEFIT : Moringa oleifera is a  fast-growing, drought-resistant tree having growth enhancing compounds like ascorbates, phenolics, cytokinin and other antioxidants along with macro- micro nutrients in its leaves so that their  leaves extract can be use as a natural growth enhancing substance

  • Moringa oleifera leaves are potential source of vitamins (A, B, C), essential minerals (K, Ca, Fe) and amino acids . Its leaves contain powerful natural antioxidants (Ascorbate, Phenolics)  Moreover, moringa leaf extract is enriched with cytokinins, auxins and Abscisic Acid (ABA) like growth substances . Hence, its leaf extract contains growth enhancing substances and can be used as biostimulants
  • It  stimulate the plant growth  and increase crop yield, it enhance the growth of young plants, strengthened plants , improved resistance to pest, diseases, increased leaf duration and increased number of leaves .
  • foliar application of Moringa  oleifera leaf extract beneficial for the vigour growth, deeper root development and better seed germination , delay of fruit senescence and improve yield quality/quantity  and also impart on the ability of crops to withstand adverse environmental conditions
  • The main ingredient of  Moringa oleifera leaf extract   is  Ascorbic acid (vitamin-c) which has several role in plant development:
  • Ascorbic acid is a  vitamin-c   which is essential for normal growth and development it regulate the cell division and cell growth
  • Ascorbic acid  is an extremely powerful antioxidant protecting the plant cells from oxidative damage.
  • Ascorbic acid function as a cofactor for enzymes involved in regulating photosynthesis, hormone biosynthesis and regenerating other antioxidant.
  • Ascorbic acid also regulates abiotic and biotic stress response in plants

Dosage :  250-300 ml/acre 

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